Hello again.

Long time no write. Too busy in the pixel mine and the management farm.
Needless to talk about old school RPG sequel Wasteland 2 made possible by Kickstarter (in all it’s presumably fleeting glory). I expect all readers remotely interested in interactive entertainment to already be pissing themselves over it like overexcited dogs.
Well, you should.

Legend of Grimrock has been launched too and you can bet that this hasn’t helped improving my blogging discipline. At all.
The first release of the epic old school dungeon crawler didn’t include a way to add custom portraits. BUT, there are ways to achieve that which are talked about here.
Of course you could also wait for a future patch that is supposed to add features like that.

Without further blah, here’s another box of free goodies:

Now you can venture into the depths of mount Grimrock OR any other pixelated dungeon with the help of Gothmog, Hisssa Mophus  and Halk. You know what I’m talking about.
All 24 Champions from FTL’S Dungeon Master remade into 256 x 256 Jpgs.
Free to use for anything. Credit me or the AngryMeteor.com if you’re nice.
If not, well, whatever.

Download them HERE

Have fun and share what’s free. Love, hate, sugar at Starbucks and Meteor Vault stuff.