Tum te tum Dum de dum

There could be so much more insightful ramblings here.
Instead there’s a simple quick speed painting to fill the gap before I have something interesting to write about.
The weekly graphic challenge subject at the art department here was “iceage”.
I didn’t feel like doing bugeyed squirrels though.



Masks are awesome. Except that venetian carnival kind of bullshit.
And clown masks. Come to think of it, masks suck.
But thai demon masks with lovecraftian horror involving wayfarer glasses and black metal are kinda ok.


Random Art II

Last weeks art challenge among the artists at the office:
“Fürst von Metternich”
Fürst Klemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich was an austrian diplomat during the napoleonic wars. So i figured whats better than being a diplomat during the napoleonic wars? Being a toughguy soldier armed with steampunk weaponry that gave up diplomacy for full metal diplomacy by fighting a giant 40 feet tall mechanic Napoleon.
Needless to say he’ll need some allies from the coalition of 1815 to do it. Obviously.

Can somebody make this game? I kinda wanna play it.




A salute to SPÜMCØ.

SPÜMCØ Inc. is art at it’s best.
Best known for quality good taste family TV show “Ren & Stimpy” the company wasactive between 1988 and 2004 producing simply awesome cartoon art.There’s a blog that features a lot of their priceless work and it’d be a crime not to tell you guys about it.
Just in case you’re no fans yet.

Go HERE for the Spumco experience.

Random art.

So one day at the office, we had the idea of a weekly random art challenge.
1.Random attributes are drawn.
2.Create art.
The first one was relatively straight forward: Troll, Junkie, Fighter.